Collect & Build a Skate Park

Original Idea

The original plan was to create a set of fully assembled skate park NFTs to gift to supporters of CareBuds and Not Zero Yet. Other skate park features would be generated with background colors, other layers, etc. However, upon closer inspection, the generated images would be pretty similar. It doesn't seem like a good idea to have community members pay gas to mint jpegs that would most likely go to zero right after collectors finish building their skate parks.

What Happens Now?

Special dedication NFTs will be minted and airdropped to recipients. For the time being, CBSS NFTs will be used as rewards and thank-you gifts for supporters.

Can I Still Build a Skate Park?

Please see below for guidelines on collecting skate park features via Not Zero Yet Custom Merch's online store. It's free to collect, but it does take time. If you'd like to purchase a custom skate park NFT, please look at the OpenSea collections and contact us.

Collect & Build

Mint & collect skate park features such as quarter pipes, fun boxes, half pipes, etc. There are a total of 39 reserved spots for fully assembled skate parks. 5 out of 7 Skate Park Features are Required to Build a Skate Park.

Skate Park Features

  • Shipping Container Storefront*

  • Half Pipe*

  • Fun Box*

  • Quarter Pipe*

  • Guard Rail(s)

    • 2 Guard Rails per Park

  • Pump Track

*Skate park features highlighted in yellow are the four must-have pieces to build the park.

May the Best & Quickest Builders Win

  • 10 Reserved Spots for Web2 collectors.

    • Visit Not Zero Yet Custom Merch & look for the Claw Game on the product pages.

    • Collect coupon codes through the game and redeem skate park pieces for free.

    • Once complete, fill out a form on CareBuds.

    • Fully assembled skate park airdrop.

  • 6 Reserved Spots for Lunar Zodiacs NZY holders.

    • Visit Not Zero Yet Custom Merch's token gated products for Lunar Zodiacs NZY holders.

    • As long as you verify your wallet with a Lunar Zodiacs NZY NFT, you'll be able to claim one park for free.

    • Only 6 parks are available, first come, first serve.

  • 12 Reserved Spots for Lunar Zodiacs NZY full set collectors.

    • A complete set of zodiac animals consists of 12 animals within a specific 12 year cycle, ie, 1912-23, 2044-255.

    • Once a holder has completed a full set, please get in touch with CareBuds or NZY for verification.

    • Holders who complete the 2020-2031 and 2044-2055 can choose a customization upgrade, such as gold-colored features, different colors, etc. Once a customization upgrade has been claimed, it cannot be used again.

Saved for the Future Pending Community Requests

  • 10 Reserved Spots for Web3 NFT minters.

    • Mint & collect the necessary pieces to build a skate park.

    • Once complete, fill out a form on CareBuds.

    • Fully assembled skate park airdrop.

Special Dedications

Eight prebuilt skate parks will be airdropped to long-time supporters of Not Zero Yet Custom Merch

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