• Total Supply: 420,690,000,000
  • 42% Dividends reserved for milestone achievements
  • 6.9% Good Buds charity wallet
  • 4.2% Smoke Out giveaway wallet
  • 3% Transaction Fees on all transactions
  • Additional 3.9% fee for transactions over 0.5% of the total supply
  • Max transaction limit of 1% of total supply
  • CareBuds team members pay 6.9% standard transaction fee and 13.8% whale transaction fee
  • Accepted payment for limited edition Strainz accessories & plants
  • Accepted payment for discount ad space on Diamond Discovery
A smart contract known as Buds Bank holds the amount of tokens reserved for Good Buds and Smoke Out wallets. 4200 tokens are distributed to each of the wallets every 30 days.
Payments of Buds are sent to the Zombie wallet, which is a smart contract that has no owner, and no functions to withdraw any of its tokens. It is essentially a dead address, but it only accepts 420 tokens and Buds, which are bep20 tokens made by CareBuds.